04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax S&B Turbo Inlet Manifold

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2004.5-2005 6.6L LLY Duramax S&B Turbo Inlet Manifold

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2004.5 – 2005 6.6L Duramax LLY S&B Turbo Inlet Manifold
S&B # 76-1006B
The stock LLY turbo inlet is very restrictive, causing the turbo to over work and EGT’s to go up. This causes dreaded thermal runaway. The S&B Turbo Inlet Manifold improves airflow to your engine by 78.6%, improves turbo spool, and lowers EGT’s.
  • Lower EGT’s
  • Increased Air Flow
  • Direct Fitment

Legal for street use in all states except California

Cannot ship to California – CARB Status Pending

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