07-12 Dodge 6.7L HE351 Screamer Turbocharger

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HE351 Screamer Turbocharger
BD Diesel # 1045770

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HE351 Screamer Turbocharger for 2007.5-2012 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Pickup
BD Diesel # 1045770

A drop-in stock installation, stock looking replacement that is anything but stock! The larger Ballistic Billet compressor wheel and our new exclusive Low MOI QST turbine wheel results in reduced backpressure, quicker response, increased efficiency and increased turbine flow compared to the competition. This results in increased maximum potential power output, right up to 690 horsepower with performance modifications. No extra parts to install, just drop-in and enjoy the extra power potential.


  • Drops in to the stock location
  • Can support modifications up to 690HP
  • Ballistic Billet 64.5mm 7+7 blade compressor wheel and Low MOI QST 70mm 12 blade turbine wheel
  • The QST Turbine wheel as a 15% reduction in MOI (moment of inertia) which results in quicker turbo response
  • QST turbine Blade thickness decreased by 25% allowing for higher turbine gas flow and increased efficiency
  • Each actuator is calibrated and tested prior to shipping
  • VSR high speed balanced

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Weight 50 lbs